Delivery Information

  1. It shall be an endeavour of our organization that any item purchased online on this Site is delivered within seven (7) working days from date of Purchased, subject of course to successful realization of payment made against the said Order and availability of the Product(s). However, very often the delivery date will depend upon the T + 7 schedule days, where T is the no of maximum days mentioned next to the product as handling time. User understands and confirms that UNIQE CORPORATION shall not be held responsible for any delay in delivery of Product due to circumstances beyond the control of the UNIQE CORPORATION, provided, UNIQE CORPORATION takes all required and necessary steps to ensure delivery of the Product within above mentioned timelines.
  2. We offer FREE SHIPPING on certain products in India. In the rest shipping will be chargeable as indicated on the product page of each product. This amount will be charged at the time of checking out the product. Octroi charges, wherever applicable, shall be borne and paid by the user and will not be borne by UNIQE CORPORATION.
  3. Shipping is chargeable for destinations outside. The shipping or frieght charges will added at the time of checkout and depend on the weight of the products being purchased. There is a provision to estimate shipping charges in the shopping cart, before checkout.
  4. In case Purchaser books Order of multiple Products in one transaction, UNIQE CORPORATION would endeavour to ship all Products together. However, this may not always be possible due to Product characteristics and/or logistics’ issues. If Purchaser purchases multiple Products in single transaction, then all the Products would be shipped to a single shipping address given by Purchaser. If User wishes to ship Products to different addresses, then Purchaser should book separate orders based on delivery addresses.

How do I know that my purchase has been executed?

Once an order has been received by our system a confirmation mail with the details of the purchase will be sent to you if the email id has been fed into our system.

How do we deliver the goods purchased by you?

We use reputed courier and logistic companies to make prompt deliveries to you. In all cases you can track item post shipping on the courier company’s website.

How would I know that my address is covered in your delivery zone?

We rely on our logistical partners as mentioned above to deliver your purchases to you. The delivery zone, though theoretically is the entire width and breadth of India, but is restricted by the areas serviced by our logistical partners. Hence it is important that the purchaser ascertains that his delivery address falls in the areas serviced by the said courier partners. In case we receive a payment for delivery in a non serviceable area, the payment will be refunded promptly.